Negative Press London books published 2012-2022

Negative Press London, ten years, twelve books

The Night Diana Died/I Remember A Time (Princess)

Roelof Bakker

The Night Diana Died, box set, Roelof Bakker

A box set containing two hand-made A5 artist’s books each addressing an event connected to Princess Diana, published 31 August 2022, the 25th anniversary of Diana’s death. Both books remember Diana as a positive role model, (gay) activist, humanitarian and subverter of the tabloid press.

Edition of 5, £100, postage included

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Black cardboard box with foil blocked text to exterior. Two A5 hand-bound books: The Night Diana Died, 24pp; I Remember A Time (Princess), 16pp. Tracing paper, parche marque, cupcycled paper, gay pride rainbow paper, linen thread. A5 insert, 1pp, tracing paper. Foil blocking by Fraser Carr Mills. Spotify playlist ‘Diana’s Disco’. Edition of 5, 2 artist‘s proofs

The Night Diana Died, I Remember A Time (Princess), A5 artist’s books, Roelof Bakker

The Love That I Need

Roelof Bakker

Roelof Bakker, The Love That I Need

The Love That I Need is a postcard-size hand-made book showing two photographs of the sea at Hastings St Leonards-on-Sea alongside a short text recalling crossing the Channel as a teenager in search of a new life, for ‘The love that I need, will never be found at home’. Made for the exhibition ‘We Are Here’ at Cambridge Artworks, Cambridge, raising funds for refugee charities.

Published 13 September 2022. Handmade edition of two. 148mm x 105mm, 18pp, tracing paper, parche marque, linen thread.

All The Sunflowers

Roelof Bakker, Vincent van Gogh

All The Sunflowers, Roelof Bakker

Vincent van Gogh’s seven sunflowers paintings made in Arles (1888-1889) are collated in book form, each flower removed with a scalpel, an act of vandalism revealing new possibilities while exploring ideas about nature, loss, ownership and appropriation. Includes the collage ‘Seventeen Sunflowers’.

The hollowed out pages are used to create other photographic prints, UV light recreating the missing flowers. Included in the exhibition The Spots That Never Went (Photofusion 2021), as part of a triptych about remembrance and loss.

Roelof Bakker, All The Sunflowers

Published 21 October 2021. Handmade edition of seven. 210mm x 280mm, 16pp saddle-stitched, uncoated stock.

I Think of You

Martin Crawley

I Think of You, Martin Crawley

I Think of You combines short texts, each named after an area in London, with colourful images of imagined Brutalist structures. In Martin Crawley’s poetry, humorous observations complement painful memories of casual encounters and of friends living with and dying of AIDS. This is the second Negative Press publication by the London-born and Bow-based artist after Placing Stones, published in 2015.

Published 3 September 2021, paperback, perfect-bound, 148mm x 210mm, 40pp, 12 texts, 23 drawings in colour.

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Roelof Bakker

Unprocessed, Roelof Bakker, George Rodger, Sieg Maandag, Bergen-Belsen

A visual response to research carried out for an article in which Bakker revisits a George Rodger photograph recorded at Belsen concentration camp, a photograph which Bakker first encountered as a child over forty years ago.

The book explores ways of presenting and discussing unimaginable horror without showing it. Only part of the George Rodger photograph is shown alongside brief quotes by photographer George Rodger, the boy he photographed, Sieg Maandag and by Roelof Bakker, each commenting on an aspect of their connection to the photograph. A factual caption supplies the missing visual information.

George Rodger photograph, in Unprocessed

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Published 14 July 2020, paperback, 210mm x 210mm, 28pp, uncoated stock, saddle-stitched.

More info at https://rbakker.com/Unprocessed

The Spots That Never Went

Roelof Bakker

Roelof Bakker, The Spots That Never Went, package

The Spots That Never Went is a personal reflection on the devastation of AIDS and the lasting impact on a generation, presented as a tabloid newspaper with tip on colour print and a broadsheet supplement both contained inside a clear archival polypropylene pocket with black dot sticker to exterior.

The book was Highly Commended Finalist 2019 Cornish Family Prize for Art and Design Publishing, presented by the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, announced at the 2019 Melbourne Art Book Fair.

A 2021 solo exhibition at Photofusion, London, included new work developed in response to themes explores in the book. This show followed on from a Gay History Month 2020 exhibition at Cambridge Artworks, Cambridge CB4 3EF. https://rbakker.com/The-Spots-That-Never-Went

The Spots That Never Went, Roelof Bakker, exhibition view, Photofusion

Second edition, £15, UK postage included. Ships worldwide.

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28pp tabloid newspaper (289mm x 380mm); glued-on colour print (100mm x 100mm); 4pp broadsheet newspaper, (350mm x 500mm); archival pocket, sticker, board.

Printed Lies

Roelof Bakker

Printed Lies, Negative Press London, Roelof Bakker, Vote Leave

Printed Lies is a reproduction in book form of the 2016 Vote Leave campaign video, Which NHS will you vote for?  In a brief essay accompanying the book. Bakker writes, ‘When I watched the Vote Leave campaign video, Which NHS will you vote for? on the BBC in May 2016, it made for uncomfortable viewing. I sensed the importance of turning the video into a physical record with its own ISBN number, a book to be kept in perpetuity at the British Library.’

Reviewing Printed Lies for The New European, Steve Anglesey calls Printed Lies “a devastating work” and writes, “I’m not sure I’ve read a more compelling illustration of why Leave won than Printed Lies.”


Printed Lies

Published 21 November 2017, ISBN 978-0-9573828-4-8, paperback, perfect-bound, 132mm x 197mm, 76 pp.

Contact info(at)neg-press.com for copies

How Many Hopes Lie Buried Here Mother

Roelof Bakker

How Many Hopes Lie Buried Here Mother, Roelof Bakker, book

A bundle of thirty three blank postcards held together by a black elastic band collated inside a custom-designed fold-out pocket, How Many Hopes Lie Buried Here is a monument to the lost hopes of fallen soldiers and everyone affected by their death. It’s also a comment on the scourge of war and the never-ending promotion of war by governments.

Close-up photographs show all ages from eighteen to fifty on World War I and II headstones. A brief text states: ‘I count from 18 to 50; it takes less than one minute. Each number represents an age, from the beginning of my adult life to where I am now.’

Jan Woolf writing for No Glory in War, states: ‘(The work) doesn’t aestheticise war, but it does personalise it, as the artist invites us to reflect on the hopes and dreams any of us may have had at twenty-two, thirty-three, fifty…’

The work is dedicated to Canadian World War I soldier, teenager James Carter Irwin (1898-1916) and his mother Jennie Carter Irwin (1871-1925). Mrs Irwin supplied the text for the epitath that appears on her son’s headstone at Nunhead Cemetery, London, her question also the title of this book.

Exhibition view
Exhibition view, How Many Hopes Lie Buried Here Mother, at Dutch Centre, London EC2N 2HA, 2016

Published 31 July 2016, hand-finished book, fold-out sleeve, thirty-three postcards, glued-in leaflet, black elastic band, 148.5mm x 105mm x 18mm, £20. SOLD OUT

More info at https://rbakker.com/How-Many-Hopes-Lie-Buried-Here-Mother

In Camera

Nicholas Royle (text) and David Gledhill (paintings)

In Camera David Gledhill Nicholas Royle

In this collaborative publication mixing paintings and fiction, David Gledhill and Nicholas Royle explore ideas around photography, surveillance and observation from the perspective of a young girl during the Stasi period, the visual aspect of the work investigating the boundaries of photography and painting.

The project began when David Gledhill obtained a 1950s East German family album from a Frankfurt flea market and subsequently turned these domestic snapshots into large-scale oil paintings. Nicholas Royle then contributed fiction inspired by the family album paintings. Michael Caines writing on the Times Literary Supplement blog (30 April 2016), called the book “an eccentric form of ekphrasis.”

David Gledhill In Camera
‘Smile, please!’ said T from behind me and Father’s face split into a huge grin. © David Gledhill 2016

Published 10 May 2016, ISBN 978-0-9573828-3-1, paperback, perfect bound, 148.5mm x 210mm, 48 pp with 23 colour paintings. SOLD OUT

Placing Stones

Placing Stones Martin Crawley

Martin Crawley (author, drawings), John Douglas Millar (afterword)

Placing Stones is a book about friendship and remembrance. In the first publication by London-born artist Martin Crawley, haunting words complement gentle pencil drawings of stones, reproduced here at their physical size. Writer/poet John Douglas Millar contributes a moving afterword.

Adrian Slatcher reviewing Placing Stones for Sabotage Reviews on 4 August 2015 writes, “Crawley has created a highly satisfying object that though personal to the artist/poet is surely also intriguing to the accidental reader; a bit like the wanderer who comes across a dedication in an overgrown churchyard.”

Published 17 February 2015, ISBN 978-0-9573828-2-4, paperback, PUR bound, 120mm x 180mm, 40 pp with 15 drawings, £9.99

Copies available, please contact info(at)neg-press.com

Placing Stones Tate Modern bookshop

Strong Room

Roelof Bakker (photographer), Jane Wildgoose (author)

Strong Room Roelof Bakker Jane Wildgoose Negative Press London

Strong Room is a collaboration between artists Roelof Bakker and Jane Wildgoose. Photographs of traces of past human activity are used as inspiration for writing about the loss of the tangible experience and the lack of physical presence in the digital world. The historical and academic importance of paper-based archives are explored as well as their potential to prompt the imagination and evoke memories.

Strong Room was included in Kaleid 2014, an exhibition of fifty new European artists’ books and in F Book Show, an exhibition of new photography books from the UK, 72 Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. Bakker and Wildgoose contributed the article, ‘Strong Room: Material Memories and the Digital Record’ for the European Journal of Life Writing, Vol 7 (2018). Photographs from the Strong Room series won First Prize (Gold) at the London Photographic Association Still Life 5 competition.

Published 21 January 2014, ISBN 978-0-9573828-1-7, saddle-stitched paperback with 28 colour photographs, foldback clip, 210mm x 148.5mm, 48 pp. SOLD OUT

Strong Room Roelof Bakker Jane Wildgoose Negative Press London

More info at https://rbakker.com/Strong-Room


Still, Short Stories Inspired by Photographs of Vacated Spaces

Edited by Roelof Bakker

Still, Negative Press London (2012), edited by Roelof Bakker

Twenty-six international authors contribute to a book of twenty six short stories accompanied by the photographs that supplied the inspiration for the writing. The book is part of a project exploring and responding to vacated interior spaces at Hornsey Town Hall in north London. See www.rbakker.com/still

Contributing writers are Richard Beard, Andrew Blackman, SJ Butler, Myriam Frey, SL Grey, Tania Hershman, James Higgerson, Justin Hill, Nicholas Hogg, Ava Homa, Aamer Hussein, Nina Killham, Deborah Klaassen, Sarah Ladipo Manyika, Claire Massey, Jan Van Mersbergen, Barbara Mhangami-Ruwende, James Miller, Mark Piggott, Mary Rechner, David Rose, Nicholas Royle, Preeta Samarasan, Jan Woolf, Evie Wyld and Xu Xi.

Bookshop Foyles hosted an exhibition and a Negative Press London/Foyles short story competition was won by Yorkshire writer AJ Ashworth. Still was runner-up for Best Mixed Anthology at the Saboteur Awards 2013.

Still, photograph, Roelof Bakker

Still Tate Modern Negative Press London William Klein Daido Moriyama bookshop Roelof Bakker
Still at Tate Modern

Published 26 September 2012, ISBN 978-0-9573828-0-0, paperback with 26 colour photographs, 210mm x 148.5mm, 190 pp. SOLD OUT

For more information, visit https://rbakker.com/Still