Printed Lies

Printed Lies, Negative Press London, Roelof Bakker, Vote Leave

Printed Lies is a reproduction in book format of the 2016 Vote Leave campaign video, Which NHS will you vote for?

Screen grabs from the video are reproduced in a print publication with its own ISBN number to be kept in perpetuity at the British Library.

Printed Lies is compiled by Roelof Bakker of Negative Press London. In his brief essay he states, “I never imagined I would publish a book of hatred, of lies, but here it is.”

Reviewing Printed Lies for The New European,  Steve Anglesey calls the book “a devastating work” and writes, “I’m not sure I’ve read a more compelling illustration of why Leave won than Printed Lies.…it could be this deceitful, hateful, shameful, piece of work was the Brexiteers most effective weapon in establishing and promoting the untruth which won the referendum.”

ISBN 978-0-9573828-4-8
76 pp, paperback, size 13.2 x 19.7cm, £10

Publication date 21 November 2017


Printed Lies

Printed Lies: ‘Inside the EU’ versus ‘Outside the EU’


In Camera

In Camera David Gledhill Nicholas Royle

Nicholas Royle (text) and David Gledhill (paintings)

East Germany, the Cold War. A doctor’s daughter experiments with her father’s camera and eavesdrops on his consultations.

In their paintings and fiction, David Gledhill and Nicholas Royle explore the nature of surveillance.

The project began when David Gledhill obtained a 1950s East German family album from a Frankfurt flea market and subsequently turned these domestic snapshots into large-scale oil paintings. He then invited Nicholas Royle to collaborate and contribute fiction inspired by the family album paintings.

Michael Caines writes on the Times Literary Supplement blog (30 April 2016): “… you could call In Camera an eccentric form of ekphrasis.” Read here

In Camera is available from Foyles (107 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT), London Review Bookshop (14 Bury Place, London WC1A 2JL), Burley Fisher Books (400 Kingsland Road, E8 4AA) and from the Negative Press Shop for worldwide delivery.

David Gledhill In Camera

‘Smile, please! said T from behind me and Father’s face split into a huge grin. © David Gledhill 2016

ISBN 978-0-9573828-3-1
Trim size 148.5 mm x 210 mm
Paperback, PUR bound, with 23 colour paintings
Extent 48 pp
Negative Press London, 10 May 2016


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