Still, still being reviewed

Writer Sarah Manyika reading Still Negative Press London 2012
Sarah Manyika reading Still at home in San Francisco

It’s wonderful to see Still is still being shared, and as a result also being reviewed. Two intelligent reviews appeared in November in the Short Review and in literary magazine Wasafiri.

Sara Baume, the Short Review, 13 November:

‘Inviting writers to compose stories as a specific response is risky business for an editor, but Bakker has been spectacularly lucky with his twenty-six contributors… Not one photograph shows a person, yet the text brims with people. Each story is an acknowledgement that even the slightest detail is the trace of a life.  As a whole, the collection explores how every keyhole and windowsill and lampshade give rise to a plethora of associations and memories…This collection is the first print publication by Negative Press London and it sets a high standard for a sort-of new genre. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I just didn’t have the heart to scribble notes or fold the page’s corners down; Still is simply too attractive and unique a book.’

The Short Review

Sunil Chauhan, literary magazine Wasafiri, issue 76, published November 2013:

‘Loss, isolation and loneliness are never far from the page, the inability to forget a frequent thread. Many of the authors use the town hall as a muse rather than a setting. Sharing a tartness of tone, these tales are quizzical, haunting, occasionally abrupt but mostly as teasing as the accompanying images, often concluding with a lingering shot of pain.’