A new book: In Camera by Nicholas Royle and David Gledhill

In Camera by author Nicholas Royle and artist David Gledhill, is published 10 May 2016.

New texts by Nicholas Royle are mixed up with paintings by David Gledhill adapted from snapshots of a family photo album discovered in a flea market in Frankfurt.

This fourth book to come from Negative Press London is set in East Germany during the Cold War. A doctor’s daughter experiments with her father’s camera and eavesdrops on his consultations.

Roelof Bakker of Negative Press London says:“When I was putting together the anthology Still in 2012, Nicholas Royle told me about their project and when he sent me some of the writing in progress alongside related imagery I was immediately hooked. Almost four years later, I’m thrilled to publish the result of this collaboration.”


Cover of In Camera David Gledhill Nicholas Royle