‘Still’ | A collage and slideshow of photographs from the anthology

Actor and fervent reader William Rycroft, posted a concise review of Still on his blog on 3 January 2013, alongside some other books he recommended as essential reading (including Nicholas Royle’s First Novel). ‘The anthology is incredibly diverse, featuring some writers I had heard of and read before like Richard Beard, Nicholas Royle and Evie Wyld. Others were … Read more

New year, new book: ‘First Novel’ by ‘Still’ contributor Nicholas Royle

What a wonderful way to start the new year with a new novel by Still contributor and mentor, Nicholas Royle. First Novel (Jonathan Cape, 2013) is actually his seventh novel! I haven’t had the chance to read this, although I have been admiring the cover artwork. ‘Gloriously noir-ish, intricately plotted, proper wince-inducing stuff… A cutting-edge, vital … Read more

Story | ‘Cobblers’ by David Rose

A Christmas gift from Still contributing writer David Rose. Cobblers He has never liked Christmas. It’s his busiest time – booked almost daily, sometimes double-booked, for the weeks of the holiday; his peak earning-period. Nonetheless. He gets tired, goes flat, effervesces less and less, has to act the part more. This is the second of the day, … Read more

‘Still’ reviewed on the Wormhole blog | ‘The book never loses its brilliance…’

An intelligent and highly positive review of Still has been posted on the Wormhole blog… Here’s a brief excerpt: ‘Combining artistry and writing, Still is a work stunning in both presentation and textual content… the book never loses its brilliance, never becomes dull… Still would make a superb addition to the shelves of anyone who … Read more

Story | ‘ChristMist’ by Jan Woolf

A Christmas gift from Still contributing writer Jan Woolf.[hr] ChristMist ‘What’s that, babe?’ June’s lips hardly closed on the ‘b’ as she looked up at the sky, thickening above the spires and turrets spiking into the dusk. ‘Can’t see anyfing, doll.’ ‘Yes, Eddie, look.’ So they both looked. Something was there, and it was coming down, … Read more

Story | ‘Mini-Opera for Ernst Mahler’ by Blair Reeve

The third in a series of short-listed stories from the Still/Foyles short story competition is by New Zealander – and Hong Kong resident – Blair Reeve. Blair says he knew nothing about Mahler when he wrote his story. ‘When I saw the photograph of the piano, the first word that popped into my head was … Read more

Story | ‘Waiting To Go On’ by Gill Blow

The second posting of short-listed stories from the Negative Press London/Foyles short story competition is ‘Waiting To Go On’ by Gill Blow – a writer from Lincolnshire. The story is her first attempt at writing flash fiction. For the competition, writers were invited to contribute a new story (maximum 500 words) inspired by the photograph, ‘The … Read more

Story | ‘Chopin in the Dust’ by Tim Sutton

The first posting of short-listed stories from the Negative Press London/Foyles short story competition is by Tim Sutton – a composer and lyricist from east London. [hr] Chopin in the Dust The woman from the theatre left three messages. So grateful… perfect for the… (What was it?)… some Chekhov on a shoestring. She had said she would come … Read more

David Hebblethwaite’s story-by-story review of ‘Still’

DAVID HEBBLETHEWAITE is a renowned book blogger from Yorkshire, who reviews both novels and short fiction on his blog Follow the Thread. He also writes reviews for The Huffington Post, Strange Horizons, We Love This Book and Fiction Uncovered. He’s a big supporter of the short story format and since the end of September, he has reviewed every story that appears in Still – in … Read more